Boating, ATV and Snowmobile Accidents

If you have been injured in a boat, ATV or snowmobile accident, there may be multiple sources of compensation. Your own homeowners insurance policy may provide benefits. You may also be able to obtain compensation in a tort action against a negligent driver, property owner or the manufacturer of the boat or vehicle.

Many boating accidents happen because drivers were drunk, not trained properly or much too young to be entrusted with operating a boat. In these types of cases, our firm can pursue a tort claim on your behalf in addition to seeking compensation from your homeowners policy.

In a drunk boating case, it may be possible to pursue an action against the bar or other person who overserved the boat driver, as well as the driver him or herself. Unlike a car or truck accident where there are probably skid marks or other visible signs of the accident, boat accidents can present some problems in terms of investigation. Our Toronto boating accident lawyers will marshal the investigative resources needed to demonstrate liability and to document the losses you have incurred.

ATV and Snowmobile Accidents

Common causes of ATV and snowmobile accidents include negligence on the part of a trail owner and design and manufacturing defects in the vehicle itself. Krylov Lam & Company will undertake a comprehensive legal effort designed to obtain full compensation for you.

Krylov Lam & Company is a law firm with experience in recreational vehicle accidents and product liability claims. We are skilled at documenting our clients’ losses, identifying potential sources of compensation and pursuing results for our clients. We will work hard for you.

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