Soft Tissue Injury

For a person who has suffered a soft tissue injury, the effects are all too real. Pain, lack of mobility, the inability to work — these can change your life in countless ways. However, insurance companies often do not provide adequate compensation for people who suffer whiplash, nerve damage and other soft tissue injuries. Getting the compensation you deserve may require the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

At Krylov Lam & Company, we are strong advocates for accident victims. We work diligently to help our clients get the compensation and care that can make a positive difference in their lives. If you have suffered a whiplash injury or are experiencing chronic pain after an accident, we would like to speak with you.

Compensation and Care for Soft Tissue Injury Sufferers

Whiplash and chronic pain injuries are real. We know, because Krylov Lam & Company has successfully represented people who have suffered soft tissue injuries as the results of auto accidents, slip-and-fall accidents and other acts of negligence.

When representing you, we thoroughly examine all aspects of your case, including the extent of your injuries, their cause, and the compensation and care you will need to recover to the fullest extent possible. To determine your future medical needs, our firm will work closely with your doctor or a medical specialist. We will investigate the accident and assign liability to the responsible party. We will also assess your lost income and place a value on your pain and suffering for inclusion in your claim. Krylov Lam & Company will work diligently to build a strong case designed to obtain full compensation for you.

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