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Consequences of distracted driving in Ontario

On behalf of: admin | Posted in: Car Accidents on: Thursday, November 20, 2014

Since 2009, Ontario has had a ban in effect prohibiting drivers from using cellular phones and other hand-held devices while they are driving. The law, which went into effect on October 26, 2009, provides for tickets and fines for people who violate its provisions. Distraction due to cell phone or electronic device use while driving […]

Basic information about Ontario car accidents

On behalf of: admin | Posted in: Wrongful Death on: Thursday, November 13, 2014

Most personal injury and wrongful death claims arise out of car accidents. This is probably not surprising considering how many car crashes happen every single day on Ontario roadways. Unfortunately, many of the injuries and deaths that stem from these car crashes probably could be avoided if the at-fault driver had followed traffic laws or […]

How to avoid an animal-related car accident in Canada

On behalf of: admin | Posted in: Car Accidents on: Friday, November 7, 2014

Whether you are a hunter or an appreciator of nature, you no doubt hold deer close to your heart. This is reason enough for most Canada drivers to veer away from deer every time they see them on the roadway. However, there are some important dangers and safety tips that everyone should be aware of […]