1 man dead, 2 injured in Ontario accident

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An accident in Ontario along Highway 48 on Dec. 8 left two men injured and one man dead. The three-vehicle collision happened in Georgina near Ravenshoe Road.

A pickup truck was headed northbound on the highway when a southbound SUV clipped its snowplow blade. The SUV then swerved into the northbound lane where it slammed head-on into a Dodge minivan.

The pickup truck and SUV drivers suffered only minor injuries, but the minivan driver died at the scene of the car accident. According to authorities, the SUV driver was from Quebec, but no further information was released about the age, home or name of the any of the victims. It is still unclear what caused the SUV to clip the pickup truck driver in the first place.

The family of the individual who was killed may wish to bring a lawsuit for wrongful death against the individual or parties responsible. For example, if an individual in a similar case swerved due to faulty steering, the manufacturer of the car or the steering column may be the blame. However, if the individual swerved due to careless driving, that person might be held responsible.

It is possible to file a civil suit even if there is no criminal case. It is not necessary for the driver to have been drunk or speeding for a wrongful death suit to be successful. Proving negligence is necessary, and this can be behavior that is careless without rising to the level of a criminal act. If the suit is successful, the family may be awarded funeral expenses, compensation for loss of support to dependents and more.

Source: thestar.com, "One dead in three-vehicle crash on Hwy. 48", Sam Colbert, December 08, 2014

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