200 Ontario cyclists gather to promote bicycle safety

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Approximately 200 bicyclists gathered in Waterloo on a recent Sunday in memory of people who have died in bicycle accidents. The three-kilometre ride is an annual event that is intended to promote bicycle safety and prevent Ontario residents from being involved in a bicycle accident. This year’s event is the second time the ride has taken place.

In addition to the ride, another part of the event was a clinic for children’s bike safety. Participants learned various rules for giving hand signals and other safe practices. During the ride, cyclists donned white shirts representing other bike riders who had been in accidents. They rode in single file, wore bike helmets and practiced exactly what they preached in terms of bike safety procedures.

According to one woman who participated in the event, just two years ago, she had not been aware of the numerous dangers and threats to bicyclists on the road. She thought that the worst that could happen to her were minor injuries. However, now she believes cyclists need to be more aware. Indeed, according to the coroner’s office of Ontario, approximately 15 to 20 bike riders die each year in a roadway accident.

While some bicycle accidents occur due to bike rider error, others are caused due to negligent and inattentive drivers. In such bike accident cases, police investigators look at various elements to determine who may have been at fault, such as eyewitness accounts, tire marks, surveillance video footage, vehicle damage and bicycle damage. When crash scene evidence adds up to a driver being culpable for the event, the driver may be liable for the financial and physical damages that occurred.

Source: metronews.ca, "Waterloo’s Cycle for Angels ride promotes safe cycling" No author given, Jun. 16, 2014

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