4 injured in Ontario streetcar crash

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On Dec. 27, a street car and a TTC bus crashed in the Danforth area at approximately 10 a.m,. and four individuals were hurt as a result. The event reportedly transpired at the intersection of Main Street and Danforth Avenue.

Officials reported that the southbound bus was attempting to make a turn when it collided with the streetcar, which was heading north. The impact of the collision reportedly derailed the streetcar and caused noticeable damage to both public transportation vehicles. Four individuals traveling in the bus, including the driver, were transported to a hospital for treatment of injuries that officials did not deem to be life-threatening. Officials closed down a portion of Main Street so that authorities could investigate the incident, which did not yield any immediate conclusions pertaining to the incident’s specific contributory factors.

Authorities reported that this incident was the second crash involving a TTC bus in December. A 14-year-old girl killed during the other crash, impelling officials to review bus driver training, re-certification and recruitment. Prior to that, in October, a TTC bus struck and killed a 65-year-old woman, purportedly.

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Source: CTV News Toronto , "4 injured after streetcar, bus collide at Main and Danforth intersection", December 27, 2014

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