5 tips to keep Ontario children safe while walking on our streets

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Sometimes, keeping Ontario children safe from getting into a pedestrian accident is as simple as having frequent and regular conversations with them to educate them on important issues relating to pedestrian safety. Remember: cars are not a natural part of the environment and sometimes, it requires a little more than just "common sense" in order to stay safe on the roadways. By encouraging children to follow several important safety strategies, it will help them avoid getting hurt.

First, educate your children about looking "three ways" before crossing the road. Tell them to look left, then look right, then look left again before they make their way across the street. Also, tell them to put their cellphones in their pockets — the worst thing any pedestrian can be is distracted and unaware of the cars that surround them. Second, tell your children to only cross the road at a legitimate crosswalk, at a street corner or at a traffic signal. Cars are more alert for crossing foot and vehicle traffic in these areas, and this will help children stay safe as the cross the road.

Third, if the child is under 10 years of age, do not allow him or her to cross the street by alone. Fourth, if your child does cross the road, have him or her try to make eye contact with drivers, and not to cross in front of a car until he or she has made this connection and has been "seen" by the driver. Fifth, encourage your children to always stay on the sidewalk or designated walking pathways. These are designed to be the safest locations for pedestrians to walk.

This advice might seem obvious to you, but it might not be obvious to your child. It is always best to educate your children about these pedestrian safety strategies, and keep reminding them until you are sure they have become second nature.

Source: safekids.org, "Pedestrian safety," accessed June 19, 2015

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