Benefits may go down in Ontario for car accident victims

On behalf of: admin | Posted in: Car Accidents on: Friday, May 22, 2015

There are critics to a new rule that may be put into law in Ontario. It would cause even more pain to those involved in a car accident by slashing the benefits currently being allowed. If you have been in an accident, you know you needed every bit of those benefits that you received.

There is a coalition of societies that are seeking to stop this law from being activated. They are the Personal Injury Alliance, the Brain Injury Society of Toronto and the Spinal Cord Injury Ontario. They held a press conference in Queen’s Park that featured some individual victims of accidents. Through no fault of their own, they suffered greatly at the hands of people who were driving recklessly.

Some believe that even with the system as it stands now, it is not sufficient to provide for the needs of injured parties. The ones who are hurt the most are constantly being told that they are going to have to do without vital services because the government doesn’t have to provide it.

If the proposal is passed into law, half of the funds for medical rehabilitation and care would disappear. The Liberal party of Ontario proposes a budget this spring that combines services like attendant care and rehabilitation to a single benefit with a one million dollar limit. This is down from the two million dollar limit currently in place.

Also, the time frame for using this money would be cut from 10 years to just five years.

Getting injured in a car accident is so damaging; not only to your body but emotionally hurtful and detrimental to your general health. You may have so many physical problems that you could use some advice and a listening ear. Calling an attorney may be a good idea. They can help you get through the maze of legalities that can be so confusing while you are trying to heal.

Source:, "Ontario auto insurance changes slash benefits to seriously injured, critics say," May. 07, 2015

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