Bike maker recalls products to avoid fatal bicycle accidents

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Bicycle manufacturer Dorel Industries has recalled a number of its bicycles in Canada. According to a news release, the 2014 GT Fury Team and the 2014 GT Fury Expert model bicycles have a defect relating to their hubs, which could cause the brakes to fail. So far, a total of five broken hub reports have been received from GT riders.

The bike manufacturer says it will replace both of the wheels on bicycles of these models to prevent the threat of injury. The number of impacted bicycles in the United States and Canada is 154. Fortunately, no actual injuries have yet to be reported relating to these defective bicycles. However, owners are being asked not to use or ride the bicycles and to bring them into a GT bike dealer as soon as possible for a free repair and wheel replacement.

The GT bicycles included in the recall are high-end products that retail at a price of $4,300 to $6,000. According to the company’s website, the defect relates to its in-house All Terra wheel hubs. The brake rotor is at risk of separating from the hub, which would result in a bicycle rider losing control of the bicycle and suffering an injurious and/or fatal bicycle accident.

There has been a lot of news about recalled automobiles in recent years, but consumers in Canada might not think that recalls could also affect their bicycles. Indeed, the fact is that dangerous manufacturing defects can appear in virtually any kind of product. Consumers should pay attention to any recalls related to their products.

Source: Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, "CSG recalls 150 GT Fury bikes in U.S. and Canada" Jul. 17, 2014

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