Canada cyclists vying for safer roads after bicycle accident

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Canadian bicycle groups are asking that more awareness be given to bicycle safety issues after a cyclist died last weekend. The fatal bike accident happened on Saturday, during a bicycle-themed fundraiser event. Although the details of the incident have yet to be released, a 40-year-old female triathlete lost her life in the accident. The woman was also a mother of two.

According to the general administrator of a regional bicycle club, individuals who are riding on bicycles must follow the same road rules that drivers follow. However, the vice president for Citizens for Safe Cycling makes another crucial point: education needs to be provided to would-be bicyclists and automobile drivers so they are fully aware of the laws that apply to cyclists. Canada’s roadways also need to be improved so that they are safer for cyclists, he said. He also said that bicycle safety education needs to be incorporated into elementary school curriculums.

Both the bike club president and the safety group vice president agree that it is unnecessary for cyclists to be subjected to tests or required to have a license. Nevertheless, safety courses are recommended and an awareness of traffic laws is essential.

Still, it does seem that some progress in being made with bicycle safety in Canada. For example, in spite of a 40 percent upsurge in the number of bicyclists on the road, the number of cyclists involved in traffic accidents has stated relatively the same — 300 per year.

The cyclists injured in these accidents may have claims for personal injury damages in court. By reviewing the facts and evidence, interviewing witnesses and utilizing accident scene reconstruction experts, injured individuals may be able to seek compensation for their damages — including financial compensation for their medical expenses. Similarly, family members of a deceased individual killed in a bicycle accident can investigate the possibility of pursuing a wrongful death action in a Canada civil court.

Source: Ottawa Citizen, "Drivers, cyclists both need to show respect on the roads, cycling officials say" Robert Sibley, Sep. 08, 2014

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