Clear work areas prevent many falls

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According to 2011 statistics provided by the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada, each year more than 42,000 Canadian workers are injured in on-the-job falls.Falls at work cause roughly 17 per cent of all "time-loss injuries" accepted by the nation’s workers’ compensation commissions or boards.

Falls attributed to slipping and tripping can often be prevented. Below are some preventive measures companies can take to reduce the likelihood of their employees and customers getting hurt in falls.

Maintaining sufficient housekeeping standards on the job is the most fundamental measure a business owner can take to prevent workplace falls. The steps include:

— Clearly delineating wet areas and spills

— Wiping spills up immediately

— Never allowing obstacles to impede walkways and maintaining a clutter-free business

— Covering any cables in walk areas

— Securing flooring or carpets immediately if they come loose

— Keeping the workspace swept free of debris

— Ensuring that the job site is well lit and replacing burned-out bulbs and broken switches

— Making sure that storage and file cabinet drawers close after use

If you get injured in a fall while you are on the clock for your employer, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries, expenses and lost wages due to time off from your job.

Customers who slip on company premises also can pursue claims for damages they suffer due to the business owners’ failures to maintain their premises free of obstructions and hazards.

In both sets of circumstances, an Ontario personal injury lawyer can provide guidance and advice on the best course of legal action.

Source: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, "OSH Answers Fact Sheets," accessed Dec. 17, 2015

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