Finding fault in car accidents after drivers run yellow lights

On behalf of: admin | Posted in: Car Accidents on: Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some Ontario residents may worry that a car will pull out in front of them while they are passing through an intersection. The question of who is at fault in cases where a car is running a yellow and causes another car to hit them may seem complicated. However, Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act provides some clarity on the matter.

The Highway Traffic Act says that drivers must stop at yellow lights unless they believe they cannot do so safely. Police quoted in an article on running yellow lights admit that this is a judgment call. One officer cited vehicles travelling closely behind drivers as a safety risk that may warrant running through a yellow light.

Ontario has no law about who has the right of way when one driver is trying to travel through an intersection where a light has turned yellow or red. Police advise drivers to use caution and never to enter an intersection on a yellow light unless they believe that they can clear the intersection safely before the light turns red.

Fault determination rules exist to assist Ontario insurance adjusters in finding who is responsible for causing a collision. Adjusters decide fault on a case-by-case basis. Police indicate that most car accidents occur when the parties are traveling through intersections, making them dangerous places for any driver. They suggest that instead of making decisions about traveling through yellow lights based on who has the right of way, drivers should opt to be safe.

Determining fault in car accident cases is not always a clear-cut issue. Personal injury lawyers may be able to advocate for accident victims pursue compensation for damages that might stem from an accident caused by another party.

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