Halloween safety tips

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It’s almost that time again, when the little ghosts and goblins make their rounds in Toronto. But having that many kids running around in costumes increases the risk of mishaps, including those involving being hit by a car. Below are some tips to keep the kids safer.

— Equip their costumes with either lights or reflectors to make them more visible to motorists.

— Face paint is a better choice than masks for the wee ones. The eyeholes in masks are insufficient in most cases and can obstruct a child’s vision. This can lead to them tripping and falling or even stumbling into the path of a car.

— Long or cumbersome costumes present tripping hazards for children. Shorten costumes to no longer than mid-shin length. Homeowners should also keep walkways and porches clear of safety hazards.

— Make sure that your trick-or-treater knows not to dart out between parked cars or cut across lawns where they could stumble and fall.

— All young children should be accompanied by parents. Older kids should only trick-or-treat in groups. Remind all children that under no circumstances should they ever enter a house while trick-or-treating.

Halloween can be an exciting holiday for kids to enjoy, but it can also be a time of tragedy if an unwary child is struck by a vehicle. If the worst occurs, and your child is injured in a pedestrian accident, their world can change in an instant.

Modern medicine can do many things, but the effects of a car-pedestrian collision are especially devastating. In order to maximize the quality of life for your child, it may be necessary to retain a personal injury lawyer to pursue justice.

Source: torontomomnow.com, "5 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids," accessed Oct. 29, 2015

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