How can Canada drivers help prevent a bicycle accident?

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A bicycle accident is definitely something to be avoided and there are some specific precautions that motor vehicle drivers in Canada can take to limit their chances of causing one. The more motorists that follow these "rules of the road," the more lives will be saved, so please read them carefully and tell your friends about them.

Rainy conditions are often to blame for bicycle accidents because they can negatively affect visibility and make it harder for cyclists and motorists to stop. Whenever it is rainy outside, give bicyclists a lot of room, slow down and make sure that windshield wipers are well-maintained and in proper condition.

Whenever making a turn or a lane change, motorists should look out for bicyclists, use their turn signals and plan for turns well in advance. If it is necessary to pass a bicyclist, do not use a horn unless it is absolutely necessary. A horn noise could frighten a cyclist into crashing. Also, when passing a bicycle rider, leave lots of room.

As a general rule, when it comes to giving space to bicyclists on the road, provide them with a following distance of at least three to four seconds. Use care whenever you are driving in an area that is frequented by cyclists — such as a school zone, a parking lot or an area where a bicycle path crosses. Scan these areas ahead of time to ensure that a cyclist does not suddenly pop out in front of you. Finally, mirrors should be checked every five to eight seconds to make sure that no bicyclists are around.

Following these general guidelines can be very useful in helping to a prevent a bicycle accident in Canada; however, sometimes — whether it be due to a drunk driver, a driver who is text-messaging, or some other kind of negligence – an injurious bicycle accident is bound to happen. In cases where a negligent or unlawful driver causes a bicycle crash, he or she may be liable for injuries that result. Injured cyclists may therefore wish to consult with a personal injury attorney about the possibility of pursuing damages in such cases.

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