How do pedestrian accidents usually happen?

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Some readers may be interested in learning more about the causes and circumstances behind many of the pedestrian accidents that take place in Ontario. Understanding more about how and why these incidents occur may help to reduce their occurrence and improve the overall safety of pedestrians and drivers alike.

According to a study of pedestrian accidents in Ontario, vehicle speed and distractions often play significant roles in pedestrian accidents; 67 percent of pedestrian deaths occur on roads that allow speeds faster than 50 km/hr, and approximately 20 percent of pedestrians are distracted in some way when they are struck. In addition, about 12 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents happen after the pedestrian crosses against a traffic signal, and pedestrians test positive after-the-fact for drugs or alcohol in about 28 percent of incidents.

Many pedestrians, as many as 31 percent of fatalities, are killed while crossing at a mid-block location instead of designated crosswalks. However, even crosswalks are not necessarily safe as many pedestrians are struck crossing with the right-of-way. Another exceedingly dangerous area for pedestrians to be tends to be the shoulder of the road; at least 14 percent of pedestrian fatalities occur after a vehicle has lost control and entered the shoulder or sidewalk.

Given the size disparity between the human body and an automobile, it’s no wonder that many pedestrian accidents result in death or serious injury to the victim. The victims of such an accident, whether it be the pedestrian or their family, may be entitled to receive compensation in the incident’s aftermath, particularly if negligence is thought to have played a role. In instances where the other party disputes their liability, litigation may be necessary in order to compel them to provide restitution.

Source: Ministry of community safety & correctional services , "Basic Concepts of Pedestrian Deaths", December 30, 2014

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