Icy sidewalks can lead to damage claims

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As another Ontario winter looms ahead, the risk of pedestrians suffering serious injuries due to slip-and-fall accidents increases. Canadian winters can be brutal, bringing snow and ice storms that turn sidewalks and steps into dangerous hazards.

Those who do wind up taking a tumble are likely to suffer the following common injuries from slipping on icy terrain:

— Concussions.

— Shoulder, back and neck injuries.

— Broken bones.

— Muscle strains.

— Dislocated joints.

— Cuts and contusions requiring medical attention.

Naturally, it is far better to prevent a fall than deal with its repercussions. The following tips may keep you safer this winter.

— When walking on ice, take shorter steps with knees bent.

— When walking to destinations, allow more time so you aren’t rushing.

— If you start to fall, try the tuck-and-roll technique to avoid broken wrists.

— Don’t overburden yourself with packages or backpacks.

— Wear shoes with good traction or use ice-gripping spikes on boots.

Those who wind up slipping and falling on a slippery sidewalk can require extensive medical treatment, including surgeries and rehabilitative services. Not only can these medical costs quickly mount, but often the injured parties must miss work due to their injuries.

Right before the holidays with all of the extra expenses of the season, losing a paycheck can be a real crisis. That’s why many who are injured on Ontario sidewalks and properties owned by others seek financial compensation by filing claims for their damages with the business or homeowner’s insurance company.

Many insurance adjusters will settle claims outright, but it may be necessary to seek the counsel of an experienced Toronto personal injury lawyer.

Source: OSS Health, "Common Injuries Caused by Slipping on Ice," accessed Nov. 27, 2015

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