Is your slip and fall accident the fault of a business owner?

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While the autumn weather remains enjoyable in Ontario, soon the chill of winter will settle over the province, bringing cold rains that turn quickly to slushy snow.

Trips, slips and falls increase during inclement weather conditions. Therefore, businesses have to increase their response to weather-related conditions that can cause injuries to workers, customers and others.

A simple fall, slip or trip can cost a business $2,000 in direct Workplace Safety Insurance Board expenses and another $20,000 in indirect costs. Ignoring the hazardous conditions that lead to these accidents can be too costly.

Statistics from the WSIB indicate that trips, slips and falls were the cause of nearly 20 per cent of the total injuries in one calendar year in Ontario.The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety estimates that 60,000 workers are injured annually in slip and fall accidents. This number doesn’t reflect the injuries suffered by non-employees of businesses and industries.Below are some common factors in an average slip and fall injury:

— Employee and management apathy

— Wearing the wrong type of shoes

— Improper equipment

— Misunderstanding the risk factors

— Lack of adequate information– Frayed or loose carpet

— Spilled liquids

— Obstructed stairways or pathsEven when an observant employee puts up "Wet Floor" signage, if it is left up for long periods or is out frequently, such as when a leak is not immediately repaired, customers and others get used to seeing it and therefore ignore the message.

Additionally, mopping a floor with dirty, cold water and not using a clean bucket of hot water can actually increase the risk of a slip and fall because it spreads the spill around a greater area without ever eradicating it.Businesses should endeavor to make employees proactive about safety by increasing awareness and education. Minimising losses due to preventable injuries and lost productivity should be a high priority for all.

Those who have been injured due to dangerous conditions in a business have the right to file a claim for damages, either directly or by hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent their interests.

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