Keep Toronto’s roads safe for pedestrians

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Toronto pedestrians face danger while walking on city and province roads from unsafe drivers. Yet there are ways they can minimize their risk of being struck by a vehicle. Below are some safety tips from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

— Only cross highways and roads at signal lights or crosswalks. Stepping out from between two parked cars is especially risky.

— Wait until traffic has completely halted before attempting to cross the road.

— Don’t cross against traffic signals, after the light is yellow or the sign flashes "Don’t Walk."

— If you are walking after dusk or before dawn, wear light-coloured garments or attach reflective tape to your clothing.

— Briefly make eye contact with drivers before entering an intersection to cross.

— Be especially careful of turning drivers at intersections and vehicles entering and exiting driveways.

Drivers must direct their attention toward pedestrians as well. Try these tips:

— Be mindful of kids playing in or near streets in neighborhoods, schools and playgrounds.

— Obey all school zone speed limits.

— Community Safety Zones have signs posted in areas of higher risk to pedestrians.

— Before attempting a turn, make sure pedestrians are clear.

— Exercise patients with the disabled, senior citizens and others who are slower in crossing the street.

Drivers face fines of $150 to $500, as well as accruing three demerit points, for driving offences at school, pedestrian crossings and where crosswalks have traffic signals. Jeopardizing pedestrian safety by running red lights can cost drivers $200 to $1,000. Double fines apply in public areas, Community Safety Zones and by schools.

Injured pedestrians can pursue legal action against drivers for failing to yield to them and causing injuries, which can be quite serious and disabling.

Source: Ontario Ministry of Transportation, "Road safety: Pedestrians," accessed Sep. 25, 2015

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