Man causes car accident in Canada while fleeing from police

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Two men are facing criminal charges after causing a head-on crash in Ottawa. Police allege that the men were driving a stolen car at the time of the collision. The Canada car accident, which occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon, injured six individuals — one of whom was a female passenger with critical head injuries.

The two arrested men were a 19-year-old man and a 23-year-old man. The 19-year-old has been charged with the following crimes: criminal negligence resulting in bodily harm, dangerous driving resulting in bodily harm and possessing stolen property. He was also charged with breach of probation and failure to pull over for police officers. The 23-year-old — who was a passenger riding in the stolen car — has been charged with the following: breach of a recognizance and possessing stolen property.

The 20-something woman who suffered critical head injuries has since been listed with a status of "satisfactory" by a hospital in Ottawa. Fortunately, the other individuals who were involved in this car accident only suffered minor injuries.

A car accident can happen in an instant — even when all drivers involved are doing their best to follow traffic laws and drive responsibly. These are extremely unfortunate events, but when a driver causes a collision in Canada because he or she was running away from police or engaging in some other kind of illegal activity (such as drunk driving), it is completely unconscionable. These negligent and unlawful drivers can be held accountable for the injuries they cause and victims can pursue civil claims for financial restitution from them in court. Restitution in such cases when successfully navigated — may include money to pay for medical care, money for pain and suffering, money for legal costs and other damages.

Source: CBC News, "2 Ottawa men charged after serious crash with RCMP vehicle," June 30, 2014.

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