Pursuing a wrongful death claim in Toronto, Ontario?

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Accidents happen every single day in the Toronto area, and unfortunately sometimes an accident results in death. In certain cases, the accident is nothing more than an unintended incident that is no one’s fault. In other situations, the negligence or unlawful behavior of another individual or business is to blame for the death. In such circumstances, the at-fault party can often be held accountable for damages.

Typically, individuals who are entitled to file a claim for wrongful death benefits include family members and next of kin. These individuals might include the deceased individual’s spouse, children, grandparents, parents or brothers and sisters. Pursuable benefits might include money for funeral and memorial services, compensation for emotional loss, emotional pain and suffering, and compensation for lost family income.

Whenever financial losses are pursued relating to wrongful death like this, losses must be quantified by way of documentation that is included in the legal claim. This is where an experienced attorney — such as the lawyers at Krylov & Company who are familiar with the nuances of personal injury law — can be extremely helpful. Here an attorney will establish a paper trail and sound logical reasoning for the amount of benefits pursued in a wrongful death action.

At Krylov & Company, we are fully aware that no amount of money can ever bring back a loved one who has been lost in a Toronto accident. We are also aware that no amount of compensation in the world could ever offset the pain and emotional turmoil experienced by family members who lost a loved one. Nevertheless, our attorneys and accident experts are extremely experienced in helping individuals try to seek a sense of closure and some level of justice relating to the loss of their loved one.

Initial consultations with our firm are absolutely free, with no obligation, and family members will not be required to pay any legal fees or costs relating to their action unless we are successful in obtaining a wrongful death recovery on their behalf.

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