Pursuing injury claims after a car accident in Ontario

On behalf of: admin | Posted in: Car Accidents on: Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ontario residents who have suffered injury in a car accident will face many difficulties — not the least of which being their road to medical recovery. Indeed, a car crash can cause permanent, life-long disabilities. It can also create a lifetime’s worth of medical debt. Those who have been hurt due to no fault of their own may have the ability to seek the costs of their medical care and other damages in court from the person or business responsible.

Krylov & Company experienced legal professionals on staff who are ready and willing to help you with all your car accident injury needs. We can help you find a doctor to recover from your injuries, and we can represent you in legal claims to try to get the financial restitution you deserve. Indeed, those who cause car accident injuries due to negligence and unlawful driving practices can be held liable under the law.

Even if your car crash was your own fault, we may be able to help. Many injured car accident victims in Ontario can receive what are referred to as no-fault car accident benefits. These are benefits covered under your auto insurance policy. Some of the no-fault benefits include income replacement, medical care, medical rehabilitation services and attendant care benefits. At Krylov & Company, we are intimately familiar with no-fault insurance law and how it applies to your case, in order to get you the financial help you need.

At Kyrlov & Company, we use car accident reconstruction experts and medical experts to determine exactly what happened during an Ontario car accident and the extent of the resulting injuries. These same experts can also be invaluable in the event of the unfortunate death of a loved one in a fatal car crash. Regardless if you are pursuing a personal injury case for yourself or a wrongful death case relating to a family member, we are here to help. Best of all, our initial consultation is completely free of charge and you will not be required to pay a dime unless we successfully obtain a financial recovery on your behalf.

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