Seeking compensation in Ontario bicycle accident claims

On behalf of: admin | Posted in: Bicycle Accidents on: Friday, July 24, 2015

Although the city of Toronto has installed numerous safety measures to improve the experience and safety of bicyclists in our city, real dangers still abound — particularly with regard to negligently inattentive drivers. If a bicyclist is involved in a car accident caused by a driver who fails to pay attention to the road around him or her, that bicyclist may be able to seek financial damages in a bicycle accident claim.

Compensation in a bicycle accident case might include money for pain and suffering, money to pay for medical costs that stemmed from accident-caused injuries, and money for lost income due to permanent or temporary disabilities. In cases where a bicyclist is killed, his or her closely related family members might also have viable claims for wrongful death-related damages.

At Kyrlov & Company Barristers, we have successfully represented numerous bicyclists in their claims for damages following an accident. We have also successfully represented cyclists whose accidents did not involve another driver and were no one’s fault at all. Indeed, in some cases, cyclists are covered for damages by there own insurance policies in an accident. However, it may take a lawyer to convince an insurance company to pay the cyclist on his or her claims. Insurance companies are not always ready to pay out on their policies — even if an injured person is justly deserving of the compensation.

At Krylov & Company, we will closely review all the evidence in your case — including medical records, damaged property, insurance policies of other at-fault drivers and your own insurance policies, to determine the most appropriate avenues for seeking financial compensation in your bicycle accident injury case.

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