SUVs vulnerable to rollover crashes

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Drivers of trucks, minivans and SUVs are much more likely to be injured in a rollover accident than their counterparts in passenger cars.

In one year alone, more than 35 per cent of deaths in SUV collisions involved rollovers. The height of the vehicles, together with the heavier loads they are able to carry, make SUVs top-heavy and prone to roll over in crashes. This number was more than twice the number of fatal rollover accidents involving not quite 16 per cent of passenger cars.

Rollover collisions are attributable to a reduced turning stability stemming from the track width and the centre of gravity. Vehicles with higher centres of gravity and narrow tracks can become unstable when turning quickly or when sharply changing direction. If they start skidding to one side, the odds are good that they will flip over. SUV’s and pickup trucks with 4-wheel-drive are at the highest risk, as the higher ground clearance that enables off-road driving makes them particularly vulnerable to rollovers.

The majority of fatal 4-wheel-drive rollovers occur as single-vehicle collisions on nights over the weekend. Most drivers are males younger than 25, with alcohol a frequent factor. In 75 per cent of fatal rollovers, victims are ejected, an indication of non-compliance with seat belt regulations.

If you are injured, or if a family member has died, in a rollover collision, you are not without options, however. If another driver is determined to be at fault, you can pursue a claim for damages through the Ontario courts. It may also be possible to seek damages from the auto manufacturers themselves. A personal injury lawyer can best advise you of the legal options available to you.

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