The most common bicycle accident crashes

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Bicycle accidents can happen in many different ways, but there are some types of crashes that bicycle accident attorneys see over and over again. Being aware of these common types of bicycle crashes can help Ontario residents – whether they are motorists or bicyclists — to avoid them.

Right turn accidents are the most common types of bike crashes. Whenever a motorist is making a right turn, it is important that he or she do a shoulder check to look for any bicyclists on their right side — bicyclists they might cut off and drive over while making a right turn. Cyclists can also keep their eyes peeled for potentially inattentive drivers who might be making a turn at intersections.

Left turn accidents are also common. To avoid them, drivers should look ahead to check, not only for oncoming cars, but also for oncoming bicycles that could be crossing the street from the sidewalk. Similarly, cyclists should be looking ahead for any left-turning cars that might not see them.

Passing accidents are also quite common. Whenever a car passes a bicyclist, it is important that the driver gives the cyclist at least a meter of space on either side of the cyclist. The safest way to pass a cyclist is to change lanes. When riding along the shoulder of a road, cyclists should always be prepared to slow down or stop when needed in order to keep their bike under control while being passed.

There are virtually an infinite number of ways that a bicycle crash can happen. For example, a motorist might suddenly open the door of a parked car just as a bicyclist is passing. Ultimately, though, many of these accidents can be avoided by keeping one’s eyes on surrounding traffic.

Injured bicyclists may have viable claims for personal injury damages under the law. By reviewing the facts and circumstances that led to the accident, injured cyclists can determine if they have a claim as well as the best strategies for pursuing it.

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