Vulnerable pedestrians in accidents, Part 1

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One of two groups vulnerable to pedestrian/vehicle accidents is children. Annually in Ontario, approximately 20 school-aged children are killed in pedestrian accidents with school buses. Nearly half involve children hit by the front of the school bus.

Frequently, it is determined that the bus driver is at fault. However, in some circumstances, other entities and individuals can be held liable, including:

— The owner of the bus

— A local government

— The transportation company

— Bus manufacturer

— Manufacturers of components used in the bus

School bus accidents are often attributed to inadequate driver training or driving while impaired or fatigued. Some other common causes include:

— Failure to maintain equipment like signal and brake lights, brake pads, etc.

— Driving during inclement weather

— Reckless driving and speeding

— Carrying excess baggage

Children are especially at risk of being struck by a vehicle for many different reasons. Their physical development and smaller stature make them more vulnerable than adults. Additionally, they have under-developed sensory facilities that are inadequate to synthesize important information.

Kids younger than 10 or 12 can’t fully integrate visual signals into meaningful contexts, meaning that they can be oblivious to traffic lights and signs. Those who come from families of limited means and who live in urban areas with higher volumes of traffic have fewer safe areas to play. Often they take to city streets on roller blades and skate boards, putting them squarely in harm’s way.

There is also a higher frequency of pedestrian accidents involving children in areas with high speed limits and density of parked vehicles. Drivers in these urban areas also have higher incidences of speeding.

If your child was killed or injured in a pedestrian accident, you can seek civil justice from the courts.

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